domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2008

Bnei NaNaj

There are many bnei anousim all throughout the usa, central & south america and the Iberian peninsula today.
To learn more about the bnei Anousim and see the developing situation at
As far as I know, Halacha is real deal bnei anousim can be given aliyahs in shul technically and can also marry no problem(as long as religion is same, however as far as mom being jewish so the kid is Jewish it's totally good to go)

Let's awaken a wave of bnei anousim going nanaj!
Word on the street is Santana is a ben anous, let's get him going nanaj!!!!!!!

Salud! Viva! Nanaj!

3 comentarios:

  1. Hey AAH,
    Wasn't that supposed to be in Spanish?!
    Na Naj!

  2. Youre right, it's more difficult than I can handle now, so gonna get help and repost. Just wanted to get it out there tho.
    : )

  3. lo importante es intentar, nunca dejarse vencer por las circunstancias
    na naj najma najman meuman
    y tener el deseo,
    el deseo de estar cerca de G-d, y el ratzon nos da la fuerza para seguir estudiando rabeinu
    uzi nanaj